When it comes to your law firm SEO strategy there are a few key metrics that you want to keep in mind when cultivating your approach. Throughout this guide; we’re going to be diving into the exact Law Firm SEO Strategy that we implement for our clients.

Throughout this guide we’ll be covering the things you need to keep in mind when tackling your law firm’s search engine optimization.

Such as:

  • How to find your current keyword rankings (using an awesome free tool!)
  • How to identify high-value keywords (and how to avoid high competition ones!)
  • How to optimize your law firm website to better rank on the search engines.

There are a few things that we need to cover before diving into this search engine optimization strategy. First; we’re going to assume that you already have a website for your law firm.

… you’re not going to get very far without one when it comes to SEO.

If you don’t already have one – getting one is rather straightforward. You can learn to build one yourself using this extensive guide or you can have an expert web developer (or a team of them!) like us to build your website for you.


The best to start is where you currently stand on the search engines. More specifically; the search engine rankings / results. This often referred to as the ‘SERPs’ – and it’s always useful to keep a watchful eye on where your website currently ranks for the keywords that are most important to it.

This could be service pages – contact page – about us page etc…

There are a few different ways that you can go about finding where your website ranks on the search engines. Here at BrandBlast; we like to use a mixture of tools to ensure we’re getting the most accurate data possible. (Even going as far as creating our own Keyword Research tool)

As a business owner – it’s important to keep costs low. For that reason we’re going to be using a tool that you can get completely free, called SpyFu.

Using SpyFu, you can quickly find the highest ranking keywords on your website – keywords that are almost ranking well and even keyword suggestions (…which we’ll cover shortly)

The reason that we do this is so that we can identify what’s often known as the ‘low hanging fruit’. These are pages with relatively good ranking keywords. They don’t have to be the first 10 results – many of these are often the mid 40-50’s.

These often require very little optimization but put your domain on a path towards higher authority. (Because it always looks good to the search engines if your website is ranking 1st for a ton of keywords – even if they’re not that popular…)

These pages often require a quick tune-up to rank higher and start to build authority with your website.

It’s useful to target these first because it can stimulate more immediate results when compared to a full-scale SEO campaign. Law firms, like nearly every business, requires time and execution to build a result-driven SEO strategy.

While you optimize these pages – primarily through on-page optimization, you can start to see results more immediately as these pages are already the best performing on your website. Therefore there’s little additional effort required to give your site a boost in the rankings.

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